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Wedding Dress Darts ✔️ Toronto

Looking to add some personality and curves to your wedding dress? Our professional wedding tailor can easily add bodice darts to give your dress a more fitted look. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or dramatic, we’ve got you covered. So why wait? Add some personality to your dress with wedding bodice darts today!

Free Bridal Consultation

To make the bodice darts process easier, we provide a FREE consultation with our wedding dress tailor.

Bridal Bodice Darts Etobicoke

Bridal Dress Bodice Darts Cost

Take your wedding look to the next level with our wedding dress bodice darts services. This alteration will add shape and structure to your gown, giving you a more polished look on your big day.
Darts on Plain Wedding Dress $65
Darts on Fancy Bridal Gown $110
Darts on Detail Bridal Gown $110
Darts on Bridal Gown with Zipper $110
Darts in Beaded Bridal Gown $150
Please note that these are the starting prices and that the total price will depend on how much work needs to be done and the complexity of the bridal gown. There may be more extensive tailoring required on wedding gowns with special fabrics and adornments such as beads, lace, tulle, or crystals or we might need to adjust other parts of the dress such as the bodice sides. Our FREE consultation will provide you with the most accurate price. Once you try the dress and we know exactly what wedding alterations need to be made, we can recommend to you how we can transform it.

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Looking to make your wedding dress fit like a glove? Our skilled team of seamstresses can help! We’ll take your bodice measurements and craft darts that will adjust the fit perfectly.