Round Wedding Bra Inserts Cups


To ensure the dress fits perfectly on your big day, wedding bra cups are a great option. They are designed to fit well underneath the fabric of the wedding gown, creating a flattering and seamless look. With these specialized pieces of apparel, the bride can focus on what really matters – celebrating with family and friends!

Wedding bra inserts come in different cup sizes, so you’ll have no problems finding one that suits your needs.

• Round Shape
• White, Beige/Nude & Black Colours
• A, B, C, D, DD, DDD, G, and H sizes
• Polyester-covered foam
• 100% washable & dry cleanable
• Free Local Pick up in Toronto

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Bra Cups for Evening & Wedding Dresses

Materials: Polyester-covered foam (100% washable & dry-cleanable)

Processing Time: 1-3 Days

Payment Options: You can Shop Online from our Shop on ETSY

Shipping Cost: CA$14.50 across Canada and CA$11.50 Across the US

FREE Local Pickup after 2 business days.

  1. Send us the size and the colour you are looking for
  2. Book an appointment
  3. Visit our shop for pick up

How can I measure my bra size at home?

1. Take measurements of your bust by measuring around the fullest part of the chest.
2. Take the under-bust measurement by measuring just under the bust line.
3. Subtract the full-bust measurement from the under-bust measurement.
4. The difference in inches corresponds to a cup Size as seems below:

1″ = A
2″ = B
3″ = C
4″ = D
5″ = DD
6″ = DDD
7″ = G
8″ = H

A Size: 4 ¼”10.8cm
B Size: 4 ½”11.4cm
C Size: 4 ¾”12cm
D Size: 5 ¾”14.6cm
DD Size: 6″15.2cm
DDD Size: 6 ½”15.9cm
G Size: 6 ½”16.5cm
H Size: 6 ¾”17.1 cm

Does Your Wedding Dress Need a Bra Cup?

When you’re shopping for your wedding dress, one of the most important things to consider is what type of undergarment to wear. You may be wondering if a bra cup is necessary. The answer is yes, a bra cup can provide support and structure to your wedding dress, giving you an extra element of comfort while you walk down the aisle.

Support and Structure
A good quality bra cup will provide support and structure to your wedding dress, which is especially important if you have a strapless gown or something with thin straps. It will help keep everything in place as you move about throughout your special day. 

Shape and Lift
Good quality bra cups should also offer some shape and lift for those who need them. For those with fuller busts, it can help reduce strain on the neck and back by providing more support for the bust area. For smaller busts, it can add subtle curves to give you more of an hourglass figure when wearing form-fitting dresses or gowns.

Smooth Look
If you want a smooth look on your big day, then investing in a good quality bra cup is important. A well-fitted bra cup should ensure that there are no visible lines or bumps under your dress fabric, giving you a sleek look that won’t distract from the beauty of your dress itself.

Investing in quality wedding bra cups may just be one of the best decisions you make for yourself on this special day!

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